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If you have a question or need help, please use the message board. :)
(alternatively, you could also post over at Doom9, Gleitz, Flaskmpeg or VideoHelp in the Hybrid thread)

Important info needed to fix and reproduce bugs:

  1. If you didn't use the latest version, switch to the latest version.
  2. What happened? If an error message came up, what did it exactly say? (please copy the error message exactly)
  3. What did you do to get to the bug? (best thing is a detailed step-by-step guide so that I can reproduce the problem)
  4. What Hybrid version did you use? (Windows/Mac/Linux 32-/64-bit + version number) - not needed if you provide a debug output, see below
  5. Debug output would be helpful.
    1. start Hybrid
    2. set a default output path: Config->Paths->Default output path
      (This is where the debug output will be created unless you specify an output file inside another path.
      If an old HybridOutput.txt already exists in that folder, delete it.)
    3. enable Debug output: Config->Internals->Create debug file
    4. do everything you did to create you problem
    5. zip the HybridDebugOutput.txt
  6. If possible a small sample file would be great.

Please do not post or send me parts of the normal Log or some MediaInfo output. Thanks!

All this info might be needed to reproduce the problem, and reproduction is needed to find a fix. :)
If you find a bug, I'll try to fix it and send you a link to a hopefully-fixed version for testing.

See you on the message board